Predict behavior. Stop churn. Boost loyalty

The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.

McorpCX | Insights is an indispensable solution for managing customer experience

Does your organization have the data it needs to manage and improve customer experience from the customers perspective? Are you equipped to gather, analyze and share the customer insights required to become more customer centric? Do you have a solid understanding of your customer’s journey – end-to-end, across their engagement lifecycle? Do stakeholders across your organization understand where they are exceeding customer expectations and where they are falling short?

McorpCX | Insights helps provide a shared understanding of experience management efforts across your organization from the customer’s point of view – enabling a deeper, customer-centric view and the alignment in the execution of delivering against the most critical needs of your target customers.

Optimize the customer experience.

The customer journey can be complex and if you don’t understand where you’re strong and where you’re not, you are likely missing opportunities to improve the efficiency, performance and profitability of your business. Know the customers you serve and right-size their experience to address their unique needs without over-investing.

Clarify your customer experience vision.

Use McorpCX | Insights to establish your North Star – your vision for the ideal customer experience – and then track your progress through time. McorpCX | Insights helps you articulate what your customer’s expectations are today and how well your organization is performing.

Collaborate on experience design.

Having hard data about how the customer experience is performing across their engagement lifecycle provides insights that were never possible before, These insights eliminate the assumptions and help bind the organization toward collaborating on new experience designs that can “wow” your customers.

Align the organization.

Delivering against customer needs is an imperative in most organizations, but is it being done with a common view across the organization? McorpCX | Insights helps drive a consistent and pervasive understanding of the experience performance and opportunities for improvement.