Predict behavior. Stop churn. Boost loyalty

The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.

McorpCX | Insights inspires the actions that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty

Achieving a strongly loyal customer base begins with a deep understanding of not only customer satisfaction, but their willingness to repeat their purchase, and to advocate on your behalf. But how do you know how loyal your customer base really is? Do you have measures to track? Do you know when what appear to be loyal customers are ready to abandon your business for one of your competitors?

McorpCX | Insights incorporates an exclusive loyalty model that helps you understand how deeply loyal your customer base really is and how that loyalty shifts through time and against your competitors. Providing you with the information you need to proactively drive a larger percentage of your customer base to be loyal advocates of your business.

Optimize the customer experience.

Boosting customer loyalty is hard work. Which is why knowing what drives current and potential customer loyalty is the first step, whether you’re tracking CSAT, NPS or any other loyalty model, and why McorpCX | Insights lets you know with a high degree of certainty what customers are looking for to become, and remain, loyal.

Clarify your customer experience vision.

Customer loyalty begins from within. If an organization is not customer-centric, it shows. Having a shared vision and an aspiration for customer loyalty is one the best things an organization can do to shift the customer centricity of it’s people – which shows up with your customers and their loyalty to your business.

Orchestrate targeted execution.

It’s hard to drive loyalty when different parts of the organization treat customers in different ways. McorpCX | Insights enables cross-silo understanding to enable orchestrated execution of loyalty-driving behaviors across the customer lifecycle, to visibly drive increased customer loyalty.

Optimize engagement.

Having a deep understand of what drives loyalty gives you an advantage in delivering what customers expect. It helps you anticipate their needs and optimize their engagement with your business throughout the customer lifecycle – making it more efficient for your business and more satisfying for your customers.