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The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.

McorpCX | Insights shows you direct competitor strengths and weaknesses

Virtually every organization has competitors. Often, you are working to acquire and retain the same customers. But most companies have a hard time getting a clear picture of what your customers – and theirs – think of them, and why. Through a clear understanding of where those competitors are strong and where they are weak, you can make better decisions that improve marketing, sales, service and retention.

This is why McorpCX | Insights provides visibility into your competitors relationships with their customers, and lets you compare their performance to yours. With this understanding, you can identify opportunities to more effectively compete, leveraging competitive intelligence across multiple measures including customer experience, loyalty, brand, channel and marketing performance and more.

Brand strength.

Do you know how your customers – and the market – see your brand vs. that of your competitors? McorpCX | Insights provides a platform where that understanding comes to life, where you can track precisely how brand perceptions shape customer feelings.

Competitor’s customer experience.

The relationship you have with your customers is one of the hardest thing for a competitor to copy. Which is why we provide you tools to see where you and your competitors deliver on customer expectations across their journey with your company.

Marketing insights.

McorpCX | Insights gives you the tools to track marketing performance vs. your competitors through the eyes of your buyers as they progress from awareness through consideration to purchase.

Weaknesses and strengths.

With McorpCX | Insights, you can ask competitors customers what they think, and why. You can quantify strengths and weaknesses, compare them to your own and make more informed decisions.