Predict behavior. Stop churn. Boost loyalty

The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.

McorpCX | Insights exposes how customers ‘feel’ about your brand, and the emotions that drive it

How customers feel about their experience drives how they perceive your brand. Because the promises your brand makes set expectations with customers of what its like to do business with you, and how they'll be treated. That’s why it’s critical to know if you are meeting these expectations, or not.

McorpCX | Insights leverages exclusive analytics frameworks and algorithms which help you prioritize and codify those emotional and functional attributes key to your brand, and track organizational delivery against every key attribute that you’ve identified as critical. These insights show you where you out-or underperform, and what you can do to improve. Because at heart, all customer experience is emotional.

Make your brand promise real.

Is the experience your company delivers to customers aligned to your brand promise or does it miss the mark? McorpCX | Insights enables you to bring your brand promise front and center – where everyone knows what you intend to deliver and how you measure success.

Align communication and delivery.

If you don’t understand how your brand is performing in the eyes of your customers, it’s tough to communicate the necessary changes and deliver what customers expect and where you are falling short.

Unify execution.

How pervasive is the internal understanding of your brand, and how that manifests itself through the experience delivered to customers? McorpCX | Insights helps everyone understand the promise and unified in their execution to deliver against the brand promise.

Empower creativity.

When there is a deep understanding of brand performance across the organization, it unleashes creativity and empowers every individual to think creatively about ways the organization can more closely align the promise with delivery.