Boost retention and strengthen relationships

A comprehensive SaaS-based solution, customizable to your business.

Collect, analyze, and share actionable customer insights in a single platform.

McorpCX | Insights allows you to collect and analyze critical customer experience information, share the information across your organization in our purpose-built platform designed for customer insights and collaboration. Develop a common understanding of the quality of the customer experience being delivered across the organization, and align key stakeholders around your customer experience, the key challenges, and the priorities to improve.

Manage multiple dashboards to support your unique business requirements.

McorpCX | Insights allows you to manage multiple dashboards – by survey type, by division, by product, by voice of the customer cadence, or whatever makes the most sense for your business. Our solution provides the flexibility you need to ensure that the right stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Filter views by dimensions that are important to your business.

McorpCX | Insights enables you to filter views based on data dimensions that are important to your business. Segments, customer types, product, geography, or other demographic, psychographic, geographic, or behavioristic attributes that define your customers and their interactions with your business.

Track trends to see the impact of your investments.

McorpCX | Insights not only provides details on the current customer experience, but enables you to track progress through time. The history of every key performance indicator is saved so that you and your team can easily see the trends and progress you are making against the customer experience metrics most important to your business.

Delivering seamless experiences drives customer loyalty.

McorpCX | Insights employs an exclusive loyalty model built on satisfaction, NPS and other purchase and relationship drivers to give you a clearer picture of your customer’s sentiment and attachment to your business. See how committed they are to your brand, or how willing they are to jump to one of your competitors.

Understand why customers feel the way they do.

Oftentimes seeing a metric or KPI is not enough. To really understand why an experience might be falling short of customer expectations, McorpCX | Insights exposes verbatim comments – enabling you and your stakeholders to hear directly from your customers why they feel they way they do, and what causes them to feel that way

Align your organization to improve the journey your customers take.

Understanding the customer journey is key to improving the journey while driving increased satisfaction and loyalty. McorpCX | Insights provides a detailed view of how well the customer journey that you are delivering aligns with customer expectations across their engagement lifecycle, helping you identify key opportunities for improvement.

When sharing the results online is not enough.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a hard copy of the dashboards – for publishing or sharing via email or in meetings. McorpCX | Insights provides the ability to download a PDF version of any dashboard in a fast, easy and highly flexible manner.

Secure and scalable enterprise-strength cloud-based solution.

McorpCX | Insights is a secure, modern, scalable, enterprise-class, cloud-based solution designed for today’s requirements. Data security, scalability, and platform availability are critical to the success of your business. That’s why we meet or exceed typical global enterprise standards in these areas, partnering with leading enterprise-level hosting, platform and BI providers, with a series of management, governance, and technical measures in place to address common vulnerabilities.