Boost customer value by measuring – and measurably improving – customer experience.

McorpCX | Insights is the easiest and most effective way to capture and analyze actionable customer feedback


McorpCX | Insights is the easiest and most effective way to capture and analyze actionable customer feedback

Experience Transformation
For people on your team who obsess over delivering an exceptional customer experience (and want to see where to improve)
Customer Loyalty
For people on your team responsible for driving customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
Brand Performance
For people on your team accountable for ensuring that your company is delivering against your brand promise
Employee Engagement
For people on your team that are stakeholders in ensuring a pervasive, customer-centric mindset
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About McorpCX | Insights

Since 2002, McorpCX has been providing industry-leading customer experience solutions based on customer research. McorpCX | Insights is a proven tool we’ve refined over a decade that enables any organization to collect, analyze and share information about the experience your company delivers to your customers. At touchpoints, with emotions and across journey stages, journeys and segments we deliver relevant insights that help stakeholders throughout the organization to understand, act on and deliver better, more engaging customer experiences.

Our Framework

Each of these building blocks help you collect, analyze and share your customer’s perspective of their journey in interacting and transacting with your company.

Collect Customer Feedback

Poll customers to learn how they feel about your company, and why

Analyze and Store Data

Find out why customers leave and how to keep them by improving their experience

Take Action

Prioritize opportunities that to proactively identify and address issues

Advanced Insights and Analytics for Customer-Centric Companies.

Actionable, continuous, emotional, touchpoint and journey-driven insights to radically enhance customer relationships

Customer experience insights at a glance.

McorpCX | Insights brings immediate visibility to the business metrics that matter to you the most – how your customers feel about their experiences with your company, and how you can improve them.

By tracking your customers’ experience and loyalty through time along the lifecycle of their journey, you will see where to action, learn what’s most important, and prioritize what needs to be done.

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Understand and measure your customer’s journey

Do you ever wonder what’s working well and what’s not in the eyes of your customers as they engage with your company?

Wonder no more. McorpCX | Insights helps you better understand the journey your customers take, where it is strong and where it can improve to enable a more seamless and engaging experience.

With McorpCX | Insights you can quickly see, analyze, and explore your customer’s journey and make the decisions necessary to initiate change, hold internal teams accountable and drive continuous improvement.

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Measure how your customers feel: Tracking emotion.

Emotions – both positive and negative – are at the heart of customer experience, Which is why it’s so important to know which matter most to your customers, and how well your company is delivering against these expectations in the eyes of your customers.

This is why McorpCX | Insights puts hard numbers to the traditionally soft measures of customer feelings. Actionable metrics will identify and prioritize which attributes matter most, track performance against your brand and your customers expectations, and show you where to focus to win your customers hearts and minds.

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Visualize the performance of customer touchpoints.

Customers can choose lots of ways to interact with your business – mobile, online, over the phone, face-to-face, etc.

But do you know your customers channel preferences? Or how well any of these channels - and the touchpoints in each - performs against customer expectations? We’ve found that understanding these metrics is critical to delivering the best, most seamless experience possible.

McorpCX | Insights surfaces these performance characteristics and many more – from your customer’s point of view – so you can easily identify and address what matters most to your customers.

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Explore your customer’s experience, in-depth.

Customer experience is defined by what your customers think and feel, as much as by what they do. To make their experience better – and improve customer loyalty, brand engagement, and customer service – need to understand how they feel about the quality of that experience.

This is why we’ve become expert at putting hard metrics to the soft science of measuring customer perceptions.

For McorpCX and our clients, this means not just measuring one number. it means assessing the right numbers to show you – by customer segment, journey, and touchpoint – exactly what to do to boost the business performsnce metrics most important to you.

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Understand the loyalty of your customers.

Which customers are champions of your bard? Which feel trapped, or have one foot out the door? Knowing these answers – and how loyal each and all of your customers are – lets you focus resources on those that are most valuable, and stem defections before they occur.

Our exclusive loyalty model includes both satisfaction and NPS scoring, while expanding to provide a clearer picture of actual customer sentiment and actionable insights with both leading and lagging metrics.

In addition, our core loyalty metrics include NPS, purchase drivers, customer satisfaction, and more. No matter your approach to loyalty, we measure and give you the tools to improve it.

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Prioritize actions based on SWOT analysis.

Many companies fail to make progress against their customer experience aspirations because they don’t know where to begin; it’s challenging to move from insights to guiding decisions about the highest priority investments.

With McorpCX | Insights, you’ll get actionable analysis against the drivers of customer loyalty – identifying things you must absolutely get right just to remain competitive, things that are true “exciters” or differentiators, as well as areas where you may be over-investing and can cut back.

As a result, you can prioritize action based on quantitative research that reflects the voice of your customers and what is most important to them

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Segment-based customer understanding

Better understanding who and where your customers are is another critical element in deepening customer understanding.

Which is why McorpCX | Insights enables you to learn more about who your customers are, as well as how the experience your company delivers is perceived by different audiences across a broad range of geo-, demographic and segmentation measures.

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What You'll Achieve

McorpCX | Insights will enable you to align your internal team on the things that matter most to customers while delivering continuous improvement to your customer’s journey.

Deeper customer understanding

Build a deeper, shared understanding of the customer lifecycle

Greater customer empathy

Boost empathy and awareness to eliminate blindspots

Become more customer centric

Enable your organization to become more customer-centric

Shared accountability

Engage stakeholders in developing seamless experiences across the customer lifecycle

Better customer experiences

Hit the bullseye more often with your customer experience designs

Organization alignment

Align the organization in delivering what matters most to your customers

Clearer design priorities.

Understand what to prioritize when designing experience improvements

Customer-first mindset.

Identify unmet customer needs to deliver innovative experiences

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